Wedding bouquets

On wedding day flowers must be special, particularly a bride`s bouquet. Fresh flowers are always amazing and any bouquet presented wholeheartedly will be a great addition to bridal gown. Before visiting a flower shop or personal florist it`s necessary to define an intended purpose of flowers: decoration of an events hall or giving bouquets your parents or relatives. Specify sum of money that you are ready to spend on all bouquets. It`s necessary to find out prices of making bouquets. As a rule, they vary widely. You will be offered several variants depending on allocated money. Don`t acquire a wedding bouquet for a bride or a wedding composition of flowers in the nearest shop. You`ll hardly find attention and professionalism there whereas bouquet will be standard.

If you want to become an embodiment of sophistication and elegance, decorate ceremony with fresh flowers which will gladden you more than a day it`s better to consult a professional florist. It`s better to order a ready bouquet as on the eve of marriage you won`t have time for shopping. Besides, necessary flowers can be absent and it will be too late to order them. It`s better to order flowers two or three weeks before wedding it will provide florist with the opportunity to choose all necessary material. Professional florists have numerous variants of wedding bouquets in their arsenal and giving preference to a definite composition is quite challenging. A bride`s bouquet can include rare and exotic flowers or flowers of unusual colouring and you have a unique opportunity to choose them.

It`s necessary to take decision on colour of flowers after defining style of an upcoming event, choosing a dress, a headpiece and accessories as wedding bouquet should perfectly harmonize with all mentioned items. Besides, it`s necessary to take into consideration what flowers a bride prefers, her character, height, colour of her eyes and hair, suggested make-up and hairstyle. A small round bouquet placed on a bouquet holder will be suitable for a miniature girl. Tall girls will look attractive with bouquets in the form of waterfall, drop or muff as namely such variants ideally emphasize dignity of bride`s figure, her height and waistline. Big bouquets with flexible dangling flowers will be a nice present for slim girls of medium height.

It must not be forgotten that size and shape of a wedding bouquet are of great importance as a bride will have to keep it in hands for a long time. Age of a bride is also very important when choosing a wedding bouquet. Romantic light-coloured flowers should be chosen for a young girl. It`s recommended to choose flowers for a mature woman individually and give preference to bright saturated colours and intricate shape of bouquet.

Choice of flowers for wedding bouquet is based on symbolism of colour shades. For example, red flowers present a symbol of strong affection, white flowers are a symbol of bride`s youth and innocence whereas yellow flowers traditionally symbolize long and happy life. Blue flowers look original and sophisticated.