Wedding cakes

Wedding cake should delight you not only with its look but also taste. Remember that a cake is not just a tribute to wedding traditions. It`s a delicious dish and one of wedding table`s key points. For that reason it`s necessary to take it seriously and with creativity. You should give equal consideration to its appearance and internal content. A few simple tips will turn a cake into a zest of marriage banquet and emphasize individuality of newlyweds. It`s necessary to take care of a wedding cake beforehand. Ask your friends what confectioneries of your city cook beautiful and tasty cakes. It should be remembered that popular confectioners` shops establish a minimum term for fulfilling order that can last about two months before marriage ceremony.

As a rule confectioneries offer a price-list with an approximate appearance of a cake and description of its stuffing and dough. Choosing stuffing you should remember that all quests have different tastes that's` why it`s necessary to avoid a large amount of pastry cream and other ingredients for an amateur. Classic cakes contain three layers but there are such nuances as weight of a cake, stuffing and construction which don`t allow to achieve desirable height. Traditionally cakes possess round or square shape but if you ask a confectioner to make a non-standard cake he will be pleased to fulfill an experiment.

Determining weight of cake is probably the most challenging task. It`s possible to take into consideration quantity necessary for every guest and multiply this amount considering number of guests.

Decoration of wedding cake depends on desire of bride and groom. If wedding has a definite style or color range cake should emphasize it that`s why it`s better to choose cake decorated with floral composition or without extra details. If you decided to decorate a cake with a special figurine ask confectioners about possible variants. Nowadays cake makers offer unusual edible embellishments made of caramel, chocolate or flowerpaste. Presentation of cake is worth paying not less attention than a cake. Shape of table should be carefully chosen: it`s better to choose a round table for round cake whereas square cake will look harmoniously on a rectangular table. Tablecloth is an important detail as it should emphasize a cake. If a cake is white and colour range of wedding is complemented with contrast tones colour of tablecloth should correspond tones of wedding style.

Delivery of cake is an important point. Companies delivering cakes independently are always have more priority. On wedding day you and your relatives will be busy with other issues. Confectionery companies have special equipped cars, packages and containers for safe transportation of cakes. It`s necessary to resolve this matter with a confectioner at once in order he could ensure making a cake on turnkey basis: calculation, tasting, design, cooking and delivering. After following mentioned advice a properly chosen cake will become a great completion of a happy event and gladden you with amazing taste.