Wedding cards

Wedding cards is an important point in preparation for wedding. They present a small piece of newlyweds` souls which they pass to their close people invited to share the joy of a significant event. As a rule newlyweds start to send invitations for wedding a month or one month and a half before occasion when pace and time of ceremony have already precisely specified.

Sending invitations to every guest is considered to be not just good form but also a peculiar way of guests` preliminary acquaintance. Modern tendencies turned a wedding invitation card into a real work of art. Buying invitation cards have become an obsolete tradition. Commonly brides prefer to order cards with individual design or make them with their own hands. Regardless of place where you want to order cards the most important thing is defining style of wedding as invitation cards should reflect your mood. Text of cards presents a mini-history of bride and groom relations which resulted in desire to stay with each other. Text of invitation cards should reflect joy related to an upcoming event. If you decided to make invitation cards with your hands its necessary to take a decision on materials and quantity of cards. It`s possible to find a great deal of information in Internet: templates of cards, texts and photo of invitations, various recommendations concerning making invitation cards. Handmade cards will be original and inimitable. Besides, such things will possess warmth of your soul.

It`s possible to buy cards in a specialized store. Low price and minimum of time are good advantages but limited choice of cards can lead you into a deadlock. It`s advisable to add a request for confirmation of guest`s presence to the text of invitation card. It will allow to determine an exact quantity of guests in advance and calculate the required number of seats in a restaurant.

Nowadays the majority of printing-offices offer interesting and individual design. Besides, you`ll not have to write in names and day of wedding as special appliances will make it instead of you. It`s possible to address a company that specializes in making invitation cards. Such companies use special paper and cardboard. As a result, your cards will be ideally stylish and qualitative.

If you planning to organize a thematic wedding it`s better to send invitation cards at least one month before occasion. It will provide guests with an opportunity to prepare relevant clothes and look great. Style of cards should coincide with style of your wedding. It`s necessary to create colour combinations for various elements of occasion. Every invitation card should possess a schedule of planned activities for wedding day. It will help guests to find you, for example, in case of missing during ceremony in Civil Registry Office. It`s advisable to keep at least ten additional invitation cards with blank fields where you can write in names of future guests. It will be useful in case of necessity to invite someone else.