Wedding hairstyles

Wedding hairstyle is one of the important constituents of bride`s appearance and choice of it depends on numerous nuances. It`s necessary to take into consideration fashion of a dress and peculiarities of your face. It should be remembered that heroine of the festivities must maintain initial look of her hairstyle as newlyweds are constantly photographed during wedding. It`s recommended to choose a hairstyle in accordance with your face proportions: round face, V-shaped or rectangular face. Remember that every curl should be perfectly styled by means of a comb and hair spray in order to avoid stubble hair.

All professional hairdressers dealing with wedding hairstyles will necessarily offer you magazines and catalogues allowing you to point out embodiment of your fantasy. In such a case it would be much easier for a hairstylist to understand what style and trend you prefer. It`s better to consult with stylist who will consider shape of your face, type of hair and surely your preferences. Curly hair traditionally represents femininity. If you want to create romantic wedding style it`s possible to make waves, small curls or luxury locks. Curly hair suggests several variants of hair setting: framing hairstyles, flowing locks or fastened hair.

Accessories will be particularly relevant: diadem adornment in the form of a small crown or headband with crystals and beads. Natural flowers present one of traditional variants of artistic decoration. Hairstyles adorned with fresh flowers look delightful. However you should choose flowers for a hairstyle with caution (for example, too big flowers can spoil its look). Consult with a florist about endurance of flowers as they should not only stay in their initial condition during all day but also keep freshness.

Nowadays silk flowers gain an increasing popularity whereas a great variety of tissues and patterns sparks interest of brides. Silk flowers available at the present time are occasionally undistinguishable from real ones. Close haircut also can look delightful and extravagant. It is particularly suitable for slim brides and owners of thin hair. Bob hairstyle helps to create an illusion of volume. On wedding day short hair looks perfect without any adornments. As for accessories, you can embellish your hairstyle with an elegant tiara or a wreath.

Long straight hair is marvelous for creation of wedding hairstyle but it should be carefully thought out. You can wear your hair loose, curl it or make an upswept hairstyle which looks very feminine, visually lengthens neck and allows to demonstrate back. It`s possible to complement such a hairstyle with flowers or an original hair slide with crystals. It`s better not to change colour or length of hair on the day before celebration as you may not like a new haircut or colour of hair. It`s necessary to visit a beauty salon two weeks prior to wedding. Modern salons offer making a sketch of future hairstyle that allows to understand whether chosen variant is suitable for you.