Wedding make-up

Wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most important occasions and every bride strives to be gorgeous during this event. Even if your facial features are ideal it`s recommended to take care of your future make-up in order your image could stamp in memory of friends and relatives. Wedding make-up can`t be categorized as evening or day make-up. On the one hand, maximum naturalness and moderation in colour range are preferable and peculiar to day make-up. On the other hand, even the most expressive facial features can become unmeaning on photos or video without correct approach. Besides, festive day gradually turns into evening and therefore colours of bride`s make-up should be bright in order to ensure effective look during marriage banquet. For that reason, it`s impossible to do without make-up.

Wedding make-up requires thoroughness, especially when applying concealer as make-up must stay on bride`s face for a long time. However, in contrast to entertaining party wedding is a quite serious and official event and therefore in most events wedding make-up is characterized by strictness, thoroughness of attenuation and even some conservativeness. It`s necessary to give preference to natural and warm tones. Nevertheless, when choosing colour range style of bride`s dress has more importance than type of her face. Your face should harmonize with both colour and fashion of a dress. One of the most common mistakes is using pink blusher or lipstick while wearing a pink dress. It`s better to replace pink color with beige or peach.

Another important point: colour of eyeshadow shouldn't coincide with colour of eyes. Quite the opposite, it should contrast with eyes in order to emphasize their shape and expressiveness. For that reason don`t hesitate to use, for example, transparent-green or blue eyeshadow if your eyes are brown whereas blue eyes will look attractive in combination with sandy or golden colours. Besides, wedding bouquet also should contrast with colour of eyes.

Choosing tone of make-up foundation is very important as it must correspond natural tone of skin. If are planning to wear a dress without shoulder-straps colour of face should coincide with tone of neck and shoulders. In order to take decision on foundation`s tone it`s necessary to apply a small amount of it to decollete area and look whether it will look natural in daylight as significant part of wedding take places in the day time. Wedding make-up shouldn't create feeling of discomfort. Bride is a key focus of attention during the whole wedding day that`s why she should feel comfortable not only during a photo session but also banquet, walk through the city.

It`s necessary to define style of make-up. Following one and the same style in all wedding details is undoubtedly interesting and unusual but not necessarily. For creation of make-up in style of your wedding you can apply to a competent specialist who will embody your fantasy or search information in Internet and find samples of make-up corresponding your appearance.