Wedding manicures

On wedding day all attention is focused on a bride whereas everything happening during this event is captured on video. For that reason a bride should have well-groomed arms with beautiful wedding manicure. Wedding manicure is significantly different from the rest kinds of manicure as it`s accomplished for a particular purpose to make a bride attractive and harmoniously complement her image. Wedding manicure shouldn't contradict with a bridal gown, make-up, jewelry and hairstyle of woman. Quite the opposite, it must emphasize all these elements.

It`s recommended to think over possible variants of wedding manicure as soon as possible. A few months before the wedding try to experiment with length of fingernails, colour of nail polish and design. Such experience will considerable facilitate choosing manicure before wedding. Colour of nail polish should harmonize with colour of skin. It`s advisable to use soft tones for wedding manicure: white, light pink, creamy and pale blue. Pale orange and copper colour are well suited for girls with skin of a little dark, peach colour. Bright and unusual tones will adorn girls with dark skin. Snow-white French manicure will have stylish and appealing look on tanned skin.

It`s recommended to decorate nails in such a way that ensures complete image. If you prefer diamond earrings it`s better to use crystal powder or strasses. If you are planning to wear a pearl necklace nails should be decorated with mother-of-pearl. You mustn't be tempted to make complicated but inappropriate for your image design of nails it will look tasteless. You can bring a photo of a bridal gown to a beauty salon in order to make sure that manicure will correspond an overall look.

If you are planning to visit a definite manicurist don`t delay a visit to a beauty salon for the last day. It`s better to make a final version of manicure at least on the day before celebration. In order to ensure compliance of manicure with jewelry it`s possible to use analogues of precious stones. For example, gold adornments will look nice in combination with gold dust on nails whereas mother-of-pearl ideally suits pearls. Diamonds should be complemented with transparent crystals. Having chosen colour matching tone of jewelry you can achieve the expected result.

If wedding dress or another detail of your image possesses a definite pattern it`s possible to repeat it on nails. As it can be seen, qualitative wedding manicure is sorely needed. It complements all fairy image of a bride on this important occasion. On the wedding day attention is focused not only on bride`s arms. It`s also recommended to take care of bridegroom nails. Surely complicated design won`t be necessary. The main thing is to make sure that nails look neat.