Wedding shoes

Wedding is a really unique and important day in life of a newly married couple. It`s a new milestone of their life which will bring much happiness and joy. It`s not surprising that groom and bride strive to think over all details of this occasion. Surely, mood of a couple is also significant and depends in particular on how comfortable they will feel throughout the wedding day. Shoes play an important role in providing comfort for newlyweds. Correctly chosen wedding shoes present logical conclusion of newlyweds` image. It`s necessary to pay special attention to material that shoes are made of. Give preference to shoes made of breathable material, if possible natural chamois or leather.

According to doctors optimum height of a heel is one quarter of foot length. A wedge heel if it presents should be thick. Such a heel won`t be too high but will favorably influence condition of feet. Possibly you feel comfortable while wearing high-heeled shoes but it`s better to follow advice of orthopedists as you`ll face tedious walks, dancing and photo sessions. Shoes should have not spike heels but steady heels or wedge heels.

Another significant factor of choosing wedding shoes is sense of style. Shoes must be chosen when groom and bride have decided on their outfits. Acquired pair of shoes must ideally comply with style and fashion of newlyweds` clothes otherwise they can look ridiculous. Don`t forget that the more luxurious bridal gown the more modest shoes should be worn and vice versa a plain and unpretentious dress can be complemented with glamourous shoes. After a long walk feet of newlyweds frequently get tired and shoes can fit too tightly. In order to avoid such unfortunate situations it`s necessary to consider that shoes should in no way be tight or too big. There are several generally accepted norms of choosing men`s shoes and wedding suit. Shoes must harmonize with colour of suit and coincide with belt`s colour. It`s better to choose classic variant without contrast elements or massive decorations.

As for women`s shoes they should organically fit bride`s image. A dress and shoes should seem to be an integral whole. Accessories also must harmonize with shoes: for example, if you are wearing a lacy veil it`s quite acceptable to have lace insertion on shoes such a combination will look great. Wedding shoes should be bought beforehand: it`s advisable to wear off the stiffness of shoes a few weeks before occasion as some new shoes can be tight. If you have acquired shoes a month before ceremony it`s possible to spend several minutes every day on wearing in order to make them more loose. Thus, your feet will adapt to shoes and you`ll be able to withstand an upcoming challenging day with dignity.

Wedding day will be remembered for a long time. The main thing is providing positive emotions and comfort for your feet. In such a case you`ll be able easily take part in photo session, go out for a walk and dance tirelessly.