Wedding veils

Before choosing a veil it`s necessary to take decision on appropriate wedding dress. Namely style of a dress dictates type of a veil and not the other way around. For example, a long veil with luxury purfle doesn`t suit a short semiformal wedding dress. Similarly, a short plain wedding veil won`t look great with an elegant designer`s bridal gown. The simplest way of finding an appropriate veil is trying on a veil with a dress. Thus, you`ll see what style of a veil fits your dress best of all. Commonly all wedding salons have a wide range of these items so choosing a veil won`t be a problem.

Making a bridal hairstyle that you are planning to create on your wedding day will facilitate choosing even more. Thus, you`ll understand whether a veil fits a wedding hairstyle. Length of your veil can be absolutely improvised. In order to define length that will show to advantage it`s necessary to try on different variants. There are several main types of veil`s length. The first type is a cathedral veil presenting a very long veil that is usually worn during particularly formal wedding ceremonies in a church. Such a veil is worn with dresses complemented by train. Cathedral veil should be at least 15 centimeters longer than a train.

The second variant is a fingertip veil that presents one of the most common types of veils. Accordingly, such a veil reaches fingertips of a bride. It can be worn practically with any dress. The only exception is a dress higher than ankles. An elbow length veil suits almost every bridal gown and perfectly looks with gorgeous plumage. A shoulder length veil is the shortest variant that fits any dresses. It goes ideally with short dresses, low-necked or close-fitting outfits and dresses adorned with crystals, embroidery or decorative elements.

Your veil and dress should be of the same colour. Don`t wear an ivory white veil with a white dress. Difference can be not very obvious but these items of clothing will be in sharp contrast to each other. Embellishments on a veil and a dress must be similar. If your dress is decorated with beads try to find a wedding veil with the same adornment. It`s necessary to choose appropriate weight of a veil. Weight of a multilayered veil can be significant. When you keep it in your hands its weight seems to be light but a hairstyle can be spoilt under its weight. Make sure that a hairdresser has fastened it firmly.

If you consider that wearing a veil during the whole day will be uncomfortable ask a hairdresser to make such a variant of a hairstyle that will allow you to take off a veil at any moment. It`s possible to put on a veil before wedding ceremony and then remove it at a banquet. After choosing a veil take it to a preliminary meeting with a hairdresser. In such a case determining a way of fastening it and choosing a hairstyle will become easier.